How I defeated the
Restless - Legs-
For good !

Do you still remember how wonder-
ful  life
 was, when you could  enjoy
your  days
& your  life  unburdened
by daytime exhaustion  and / or  de
pression, without
  having  to ingest
endless   amounts of  pills , and not
having to wander around during
the night ?!

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RLS  can be attributed to many diverse circumstances in  life, but
nobody  knows
exactly why the body suddenly ceases  to produce
 distribute  enough dopamine-which,  as is  known,  is a major
factor leading to the

For my part, I can say that since June 2007 I’ve been able to sleep
every  single  night - all night long - without  medication and without
pain. After all these years of suffering and pain, this was .. and  still
is - a sensational experience !

In the meantime, other RLS-sufferers  have also been successful in curing  themselves
and  eliminating  their  pain permanently, by ingesting the natural remedy recommended
my  healer-friend …while  others, still  plagued  by pain and  longing  for healing, sit in
 waiting  rooms  of  doctors. I  myself  have taken  decisive steps to turn  my situation
around -  and I have done so successfully.

This nature based 
remedy which  I  took on  the  recommendation  of  my  holistic healer
friend is 
available  prescription-free at low cost  in most pharmacies worldwide. I
n order
to inwardly reprocess my own experience, and at the same time to show a possible
for others, I have  chronologically  put  down  in  writing  the numerous insights I gained
the course of this process,
including the exact formula for the remedy, which finally
healed me.

The report begins in 1998, when my RL-Syndrome was first diagnosed and ends with my
healing in June 2007. You  can order  the book comfortably  via
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  Here are two medical attestations by two
 specialists, which certify the RLS-diagnosis
Medical attestation Nr. 1
 +  2  :  Diagnosis :  RL-Syndrome
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How I defeated the Restless-Legs-Syndrome

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