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   Entry from Tyler Jane, USA - 11.12.2011 at 6.23 p.m.


   Entry from Rohanna Rae, Canada - 03.30.2011 - at  11.25 a.m.

  Thank you so much, dear Matthew, for writing and sharing your story on how you
  defeated the restless leg syndrome! I too have suffered with a severe case of
  RLS for many years.

  It became unbearable ! After taking L*******a for 10 years it stopped working and
  I was  then put on R********l, which gives me very unpleasant side-effects (feeling
  sick most of the time).

  When I discovered your book on the web it gave me new hope ! I have now taken the
natural remedy for ca. 10 days. The first 3 days were "rough", but you warn us about
  that, so I was prepared. The effects of taking such high doses are now starting to

  All the best and thanks again !

  Comment from Matthew Hubner:

  Dear Rohanna ... I am glad to hear that it all worked out for you
  and you've had such a speedy recovery.

  Best regards
  Matthew Hubner


  Entry from Candace, Canada - 06.02.2010 - at  9.30 a.m.

  Thank you for sharing all your pain and suffering, as well as your hope for a solution.
  Your writing style is very good: kind and sympathetic.
  May God bless you in many ways.


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   Entry from John Henderson, Ohio, USA - 04.01.2010 - at  1.50 a.m.

  I have been suffering with Restless Leg Syndrome for over fifteen miserable years !
  Nothing I have tried has worked.  First I tried a Neurologist without success. Then I tried
  acupuncture.  Again it didn't work.  Now I am taking S****** but that is a real bummer.
  It gives me head aches and stomach problems the day after I take it. The upshot of
  taking different medications is not only head and stomach problems but also plays
  the devil with my nights sleep, or the lack of any sleep. 
  John Henderson

  Comment from Matthew Hubner:

  Well, John ... Restless Legs is a painful "thing", I know that. I took all those hard stuff   
  medicaments for years as well and have had the same nasty side effects as you
  describe them ... and exactly for that reason I was looking for a way to get rid of the
  Restless-Legs-Syndrome... with success. In June 2007 I could cure it forever and it
  never returned.
  Entry from Janet  - 13.12.2009 - at  7.33 a.m.

  This is a beautiful web page with the pictures etc.. Thank you for info, I just started
  having the burning pains this past week. I thought it was from driving over the holidays
  when I drove 3 hours. I think it is something much deeper and I will check it out and
  read your site much for throughly.
  Thanks Janet, Fresno, (Central Valley)
  Comment from Matthew Hubner:
Dear Janet:
  I am glad that my experience could help you and that you could get rid of the
   Entry from Holly Burton  -  29.11.2009 - at 11.35 p.m.

  Dear Mr. Hubner,

  I found this sitse in a health forum. I have tried many other so called solutions for RLS
  over the years and now realize that NONE of them helped. 

  The problem started in the 1980s and has gotten so bad that sometimes I can't even
  drive a car.  The pain is just too great when I push down on the gas pedal!

  Is this natural based remedy you speak of available in England ? And, if so, how would
  I get it and how does one take it?  I have tried so many different things to try to get rid
  of this horrible pain.
  Please let me know as soon as possible.

  H. Burton

  Comment from Matthew Hubner:

  Hi Mrs. Burton:

  As far as I know, this nature based remedy is available worldwide. I've seen it in
  online internet shops - they are shipping everywhere at low costs. But please,
  check yourself to find something that fits your needs.

  Entry from Debby, Denmark - 20.10.2009 - at 1.18 p.m.

  my husband is suffering from RLS for eight years now. I really, really, really wish that
  the remedy from the book will help him, since he's got a lot of pain and stress.

  I will recommend your book to others, as well.
  Hi from Debby

  Comment from Matthew Hubner:

Dear Debby:

  Well, let's hope that the measures I took will help your husband, too and free him
  from the nightly hikes and pains.

  Wishing him speedy recovery


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How I defeated the Restless-Legs-Syndrome

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