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   Entry from Martha B., USA - 02.15.2015 at 8.28 p.m.

   Dear Mr. Hubner:

Many thanks for your help. I ingested the combination (medication), and it took exactly
   four days for it to achieve an unbelievable result: the RLS has not recurred. I am soooo
   happy and dare not discontinue the treatment out of fear that the RLS might return.
   Thank you.


 Comment from Matthew Hubner:

   Dear Martha  ... Let's hope for the best. Glad it worked out for you.

   Best regards
   Matthew Hubner



   Entry from Pat Myers, Canada - 02.14.2014 - at  09.55 p.m.

Sometimes we should listen to our own gut feeling and not to the information we
   receive from the people at the RLS association or in the doctorís surgery.
RLS can be cured.
After almost fifteen years of suffering from this ailment, I was able to get rid of it
   once and for all with the help of this book and the natural remedy it describes.
   Iím very happy and warmly recommend reading it. Donít always listen to the
   advice of theďexpertsĒ.

   Pat Myers

   Comment from Matthew Hubner:

   Dear Pat :
   Glad to hear that you've had such a speedy recovery.

   Best regards
   Matthew Hubner


  Entry from Anne, Australia, Victoria - 01.28.2013 - at  9.45 a.m.

   Rescued from RLS

   I read the book somewhat skeptically, but went to a pharmacy the next day.
  That was last week. Yesterday I went to bed at midnight and woke up free from
   pain at 8 am. Although it may seem hard to believe, it was absolutely divine.
My thanks to the author, and I hope that his book may help others as much as it
   has helped me.



Book also available at


    Entry from Peter Cummings, CA, USA - 01.26.2012 - at  5.50 p.m.

   IĎm glad I underwent the therapy that Huebner describes in his book. It has been
   a real help, and Iím can hardly believe that for the last five months it hasnít been
   necessary for me to take all the toxic forms of medication I needed before.

    Great advice, and a great book.
    I can recommend it to anyone suffering from RLS.

    Peter Cummings, Santa Monica, USA

    Comment from Matthew Hubner:

    Well, Peter... I am glad that my experience could help you and that you could
    get rid of the Restless-Legs-Syndrome.


    Entry from Sandy Hill, New York  - 11.12.2011 - at  9.47 a.m.

 Dear Matthew:

I havenít slept as well for ages. The first three days were really bad, but then Ö
   I can hardly believe it. My nights are now free from pain and I can sleep without
   interruption !!!
After twenty years of RLS and countless amounts of tablets - thank you !
   All that belongs to the past, and Iím overjoyed.

   Comment from Matthew Hubner:
Dear Sandy:
   Glad, this could help you.

   Best Regards

   Entry from Richard - 07.12.2011 - at 01.45 p.m.

As if it had never been !!!

  Thatís how it feels. At present, after three months, Iím completely free from symptoms.
   Itís as if Iíd only suffered from RLS nightmares for all these years, and now Iíve been
  healed over a short period with the remedy recommended in the book .

   The pain had been practically unbearable, and the side effects from the
   conventional medications almost caused me to become blind.
Iím so happy and would like to convey my personal thanks to the author.


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